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Truths The Hand Can Touch

… Modern and prospective biomedical intervention offers us manifold possibilities. In it we detect, again, a chance to realise our intentions in the world: to end the lifelong siege of our domain waged by unceasing circumstance. Two central claims are made: the expansion of our autonomy to the exclusion of those biopsychological barriers that bind us; and the expansion of our capacities, so that we should in quantity and extent transcend the natural reach of our bodies. By taking control of our evolution or by exercising our innate instinct for crafting our surrounds, we could achieve, or come closer than ever before possible, to realising our expectations of the world. It is a compelling promise built on a history of progress that, though not entirely unproblematic, has generally resulted in better, longer, more dignified human lives. And though we should crave the opportunity to escape our decline and defeat, if we are mindful of the lessons of Camus, we are alert to the perils of promises…

Philosophy Projects

Peitho (πειθώ)

Peitho is an online management system for debating competitions, written in PHP and using SQL. The system includes user authenticated tools for scheduling competition rosters, recording and publishing individual and team scores, tracking topic and adjudicator feedback, and compiling and publishing debater and adjudicator statistics.